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Kick-starting the Australian CLO market

Australian Private Credit has experienced a tremendous growth over the last 5 years. With adequate depth and transparency, the leveraged loan and middle-market loan sectors are prime to see the next step of its evolution.

Developing a Blockchain Ecosystem for Lending

Lending related activities involve multiple interactions between service providers, from origination to distribution. Along the highly specialised value chain, data is often replicated multiple times and often incomplete or even lost. It seems obvious that digitalisation of data and processes would bring tremendous benefits. Is Blockchain a possible solution? We work with technology companies to form a digital ecosystem that challenges the traditional lending architecture.

Multi-issuers Securitisation Solutions

Developed in partnership with Neu Capital, the SMO Program provides institutional scale access to small and medium size issuers. The structure, established in the context of the Covid pandemic and recognised then by the AOFM, can be adapted to fit different circumstances.

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