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Rosherville Capital and Rosherville Advisors are the investment and advisory functions of the Family Office setup by Philippe Roger.

Philippe ran the Structured Credit Trading & Structuring group globally at JPMorgan until 2011. In Sydney since 2013, Philippe has been an active investor in the private debt space. 

Rosherville Capital


Since June 2017, Rosherville Capital has been operating and managing the Rosherville Alternative Credit Fund, a wholesale unit trust specialised in the Alternative Credit sector. 


With a broad mandate across debt and equity, Rosherville Capital has developed its own origination capabilities:

  • Originated and executed bespoke financing transactions with Australian lending ventures.

  • Participated in syndicated private deals organised by non-bank lenders.

  • Invested with established fund managers in the private debt sector, locally and overseas. 

Rosherville Advisors


In 2022, Rosherville has started offering its structuring and execution capabilities to a small number of established relationships, originators and investors.

Rosherville Advisors provides consulting services in the Structured Credit space. We assist high growth lending businesses in establishing the "Engineer Room" between origination and distribution. And we work alongside investors to assess the risks that arise from a complex and rewarding asset class.

Guided by a risk mindset, we generally aim at co-investing within the scope of our mandates.

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